Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sushma Reddy Bold & Beautiful Model

Sushma Reddy Bold & Beautiful Model — Sushma Reddy is the oldest of the famous Reddy sisters, her younger sister Meghna was the first one to step into the glamour world. Sushma followed her sister’s footsteps and started modeling. She became a famous ramp model and also featured in TV commercials. While Sushma was enjoying her modeling career, she was approached by Channel [V] for a VJing assignment. With her charm and witty attitude Sushma was able to impress the viewers and she soon became a famous face for Channel [V].
After VJing for a couple of years, Sushma tried her luck in acting. Her debut movie was ‘Chocolate’ in which she played the role of a journo. The movie didn’t go that well, but Sushma was appreciated for her bold character in the thriller.

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