Sunday, January 31, 2010

Most searched actress on net namitha

Namitha is one actress who has steered clear of controversy and not into the numbers game. She had pinned her hopes on Indira Vizha but the relative failure of the movie has put her under some pressure. And with all the hype before the release of Jaganmohini, Namitha was understandably guarded in her optimism.
“I see the bilingual Jaganmohini as a turning point in my career. It would do a lot good to my career in Tamil and Telugu. I always put in my best effort but it was one notch higher in Jaganmohini. I am conscious of the inevitable comparison with Jayamalini, but did not let the pressure factor play in my mind,” says Namitha of the trying times while shooting at the Indian Ocean when the water was anything but calm.

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